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Blastomycosis - Fungus Found in Wet Areas with High Nitrogen

I believe the information is worth knowing by our members, even though toy foxes may not be running around in the woods or near streams. It isn’t impossible for a yard to have wet spots, and with falling leaves have a higher than normal nitrogen level which would induce fungus growth, and thereby causing Blastomycosis to be very possible, particularly in the spring and fall. At least if toy fox owners are aware of this problem, they can mention it to the vet when they take a dog in for exam if it’s showing signs similar to those caused by this disease. Please note that a pet owner lost a Minpin from this disease, as the Veterinarian wasn’t familiar with it, and didn’t treat it with the right antibiotic promptly. I do believe the Minpin had some other health issues that added to the problem, as it only lived 4 days after being in the woods on an outing.

Connie Blanken
Health Chair