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Concerns About Using Anesthia on Puppies?

There was a news story on a Fox News radio station, “letting parents know that children shouldn’t have anesthesia younger than 2 years old, as animal research has shown neurological issues result that are permanent.” The key word that drew my attention was animal research, knowing that we have major organizations now researching the health of our animals.

I haven’t been able to track down the researcher that did that testing, as that information wasn’t provided in the news story, but I have checked with AKC’s Canine Health Foundation, Morris Animal Health, and Dr. Simon Platt, a highly respected neurologist at the Univ. of GA, that I met at the last Parent Club Health Conference that I attended in St. Louis. None of them did the research, or were aware of it. Dr. Platt felt that he should have seen the problem if it were true. But we usually don’t notice an immediate effect, unless it’s quivering. There could be more to the issue, like a particular anesthetic. There are 27 Vet Colleges in the United States, so I don’t know if I will be able to track this down or not. It’s not impossible for erroneous information to be shared on the news, and news media companies rarely do retractions, even if proven wrong.

Even if I can’t locate the researcher referred to in the news story, there’s a good chance that the information will eventually surface through normal veterinarian channels.

This is being shared, as I would be remiss not to make mention of a potential to cause harm to puppies.  With this knowledge a puppy owner/breeder will be better prepared to decide if a tooth should be wiggled loose, or if it must be pulled using anesthesia.

Connie Blanken
Health Chairman ATFTC