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American Toy Fox Terrier Club

Rules for Submitting Pictures

  1. You must be a CURRENT MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING with the American Toy Fox Terrier Club.
  2. Picture files should be under 1mb to be considered for posting on the website. The webmaster will resize it to fit our page requirements.
  3. Pictures should be in "jpg" format.
  4. ATFTC members may only submit ONE picture per MONTH.
  5. All pictures on the "pictures pages" will be anonymous. No dog names, no breeder names, & no owner names will be displayed.
  6. Last but certainly not least & certainly a no brainer, your picture MUST contain a TFT in the subject matter.

ONLY Exceptions ... The names & pictures of the ATFTC Nationals winners & Pictures of the Top 20 conformation competitors will be shown in other parts of the website, but not on the "pictures pages".

MOST pictures will be uploaded to the website within 2 weeks of submittal.  Feel free to contact the webmaster about the disposition of your picture 14 days after submittal.

Continue here to submit your Toy Fox Terrier picture to the webmaster to consider your picture for inclusion on the club's website. Reference the above 6 rules and contact the webmaster at SUBMIT PICTURES HERE. We look forward to seeing your TFTs!