American Toy Fox Terrier Club

Top Twenty Breed Competition
Using Breed Totals for 2012

1GCH CH Barbary's That's So Raven539L Smith/P Nieto
2GCH CH Walton's Crusin Cool282S Cassel
3GCH CH Barbary Rough 'N Ready208C Sutton/R Sutton/J Sutton
4GCH CH Jane's Christmas Gift197J Reed
5GCH CH Azefer Hopalongcassidy174L Fast
6GCH CH Shively's Baron Jazzmine's Contessa152L Hughes/W Hughes/M Shively
7GCH CH Foxlair Hi-De-Ho Smokey Joe145V Denney/E Ward
8GCH CH Valcopy Shively Son Of A Gun106D Plonkey/R Davis
9GCH CH Barbary Johnny Rocket98T Crawford/J Crawford
10GCH CH Ultra Quest Go For The Gold92W Howard
11GCH CH Ultra Quest All Fired Up88K Mando
12GCH CH Centennial Farms 2 Good 2b True83W Bellamy
13GCH CH Threesons Westwind Word Of Honor67K Jacobson/E Jacobson/J Kunz
14CH Maldonfox Stepping Out66S Peter/J Peter
15CH Thorsbys Practically Perfect66C Pyrkosz/M Penley/M Thorsby
16GCH CH Trackside Miss Nascar Now66S Bruckschen
17GCH CH Adamant Bang A Drum62K La Rue/J Joseph
18CH Barbary Meet Virginia53D Monette/W Bellamy
19GCH CH Xeralane's Playboy48Xeralane Knl
20GCH CH Icefox Tally Ho Nasa Tally Ho48B Kelley


From The Canine Chronicle