American Toy Fox Terrier Club

Top Twenty Breed Competition
Using Breed Totals for 2019

1GCHS CH Valcopy Ter-Lee Hot To Trot V Niklby145T Crawford/D Plonkey
2GCHS CH Westgate Rambunctious137S Mccoy
3GCHB CH Barbary Kallmee The Ringmaster BCAT127S Thibodeaux
4GCHB CH Accolade Highway 61126C Lichty/R Lichty
5GCH CH Mfx Something Wicked This Way Comes88K Lowe/K La Rue
6GCH CH Centennial Farms Good Fortune87W Bellamy
7GCH CH Foxshire & Valdon's Three Run Homer80S Kittner/J Kittner
8GCHB CH Five Forks She's All Jacked Up At Wesanns76D Smoak/W Rogers/K Davis
9GCH CH Valcopy Bulletproof74L Johnson/D Plonkey
10GCHB CH Tnts Mind Your Own Biscuits73T Dvorak/A Wagner/K Sunnenberg/T Dvorak
10GCHB CH Ultra Quest No Stone Unturned CGC73B Wickham/J Yankowski/K Mando
12GCHB CH Kincardene Bruce Almighty68S Sklar
13GCHB CH Snocrest Belle Amie Johnnie Reb58S Noe
13GCHS CH Trackside's Miss Tiny Bubbles58S Bruckschen
15GCH CH Barvida's Where There's A Will, There's A Way55J Barlet/T Vida
16GCH CH Kincardene Azefer Olivia51L Fast
16GCHB CH Valcopy Ter-Lee Chivas Regal51T Crawford/D Plonkey
18GCH CH Maldonfox Might As Well Be On Mars50K Maldon
19GCH CH Fly'N Fox Too Hot To Handle49J Wardlow
20GCH CH Centennial Farms Hot & Ready48B Yoakum/W Bellamy
20GCH CH Niklbys A Splash Of Sass N Alotta Class Valcopy48A Cuzzolino/S Garner


From The Canine Chronicle